Born on the South-East of Poland in 1991, Karolina Węgrzyn is a visual artist working predominantly in the mediums of photography, drawing and painting.

Węgrzyn’s drawn and painted works often revolve around the complexity of the human psyche; in acting intuitively and spontaneously, she aims  to depict xenomorphic constructions representative of her emotional state of mind. In her photographic works, her interests lie with the phantasmal nature of the photograph. In a similar methodological approach to the drawings, the images are an attempt to replicate and explore sentiment through the documentation of her immediate surroundings.

She is often occupied by traditional darkroom printing processes; incorporating techniques of acrylic paints, pens and pencils, charcoal and pastels; also woodcut, linocut, cardboard printing and engraving.

In 2011, Wegrzyn graduated from the College of Visual Arts in Jaroslaw, Poland with a diploma in Graphic Arts and from the University of Wolverhampton in 2014 with a degree in Fine Art Photography.

She has exhibited extensively in both Poland and England in group and solo shows; most recently she exhibited an extensive collection of drawings at the Centrala community space in Birmingham, following a three-month curatorial internship in their gallery.

Her awards include a bursary from the Polish Ministry of Culture and Heritage and a Grand Prix award at the Rzeszów Institute of National History (sponsored by the National Bank of Poland); Węgrzyn was also  awarded a bronze medal from the ZPAF (Polish Photographic Society) at the Lubomirski Palace in Przeworsk for a photo-essay based on the subject of rural Polish tradition.

She has been commissioned by Primary School in Pelkinie for works around such themes as war, religion and tradition; volunteering as project supervisor and executor of mural paintings in children’s department at The National Hospital in Jaroslaw; volunteering as a teacher and coordinator of student’s performances and music activities at Polish Educational Centre of St. Jan Bosko in Wolverhampton.



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